Sunday, February 1, 2015

Up to my Knees, Head First

I've written a series of posts related to my recent knee injury. I wrote that for several reasons:

1. They'll explain what happened and why I'm absent from my gigs;
2. They'll be a helpful resource to others with similar injuries;
3. They'll be characteristically witty and entertaining to read, and not become known as "Stringer's Pity Papers";
4. I don't really have much else to do while I've been lying around waiting for this knee to heal;
5. And last, a chronicle for myself and family... the first three won't change much... the last two, I'll try to keep up to date.

PART I - What Happened

PART II - What is a Disrupted Quadriceps Tendon

PART III - Getting Treatment

PART IV - Recovery and Hurdles Along the Way

PART V - Some Life Lessons

I would appreciate comments and reposts.




  1. Hey, Rufus!!
    1. Get well!! We're missing you out here. Besides, Dana needs a break! :)
    2. Keep writing!! Reading your writing is almost as good as hearing your singing.....not quite the same but close! :)
    3. Get the cat to lay on your leg and's healing! Besides, cat therapy is and cash! (Saw this on Facebook so you know it's true!!)

  2. Thanks, Carole... you're right about the kitties... I love those little rascals.