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Today, I feel the reality, I feel so temporary.
As if tomorrow was yesterday and so unnecessary
because I have lived it so many times before

Just Try It... You'll Get It

This was originally posted in the facebook group, "Gigs from Hell", May 22, 2018
I've played something close to 10,000 gigs in my life (yes... I'm a geezer) give or take a few hundred. Given this volume of giggage, the amazing thing is that not more were horrors. Oh... there was that night in Topeka when the drunken club owner began shooting his pistol inside the cinderblock club. Or the night a drunk climbed up on the stage screaming in my ear, "Caught in a trap... caught in a trap" (he wanted to hear "Burning Love"). I've played gigs when I was almost too sick to stand up, including bouts of stomach flu. I accepted an induction into my state's music hall of fame when I had pneumonia. But I played and enjoyed it! 
There is one night, though, that I feel like I should contribute to my blog. This is known as "My Gig with Billy Buck and His Kentucky Boys". (NOTE: I have changed to name in the event that the original "artist&quo…

Don't Listen -- Don't Watch -- Try READING!

I have a suggestion for both my fellow "Liberals" and my "Conservative" friends (and, yes, I do have them.) Stop listening -- don't listen to Limbaugh, Hannity, Alex Jones, Ed : Schultz, Thom Hartmann or any of the dozens of voices squawking their one sided diatribes. Switch off FOX News, CNN, MSNBC and the other thinly veiled heavily spun sources of party propaganda. I have a unique suggestion... don't listen -- don't watch.... READ!!!

Policy discussion really should have no party affiliation. There are many intelligent ways of viewing the world. None of these viewpoints can be arrived at by name calling, paranoid conspiracy theories, fear, and illusion.

For those who identiby as Liberal (Progressive or just plain Democrat), I want to suggestion these sources to better understand the intelligent Conservative Viewpoint:

1. Outside the Beltway: Self described as " online journal of politics and foreign affairs analysis. For the most part, our v…

A Set of Beliefs on Interesting Questions - A Response

Just in case you're expecting Buzzfeed, Reddit, or Gawker, you're in the wrong spot. This is just a humble response -- maybe an extension -- to another humbly offered blog entry:

Big Thick Glasses Blog

I encourage you to read this entry... and to think about it. In fact, read it first -- otherwise, my blog won't make much sense.

There are no dancing babies (I really don't like the dancing babies), or cute cats (I really DO like cute cats.) But I think we spend way too much time mindlessly absorbing entertaining images and much too little time in looking inward.

I'm going to split this into two blog entries. The first, this one, will offer some extensions, challenges, and critique of BTG's (Big Thick Glasses) original post, one item at a time. The questions in this blog are BTG's. Here goes.

Have we been visited by Aliens; are UFOs alien spacecrafts?

There has not yet been credible, tangible evidence to indicate that UFOs are alien spacecrafts. Photos are invariab…