Monday, August 16, 2010

The Constitution on Mosques

First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...

Article II, Section 2: "...he (the President) shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed."

Just last week, Sarah Palin is seen on camera telling an Alaskan woman that she was working to "...elect candidates that understand the constitution."

Today, we hear, a woman who appears to be this same Sarah Palin urging, "Mr. President, should they or should they not build a mosque?"

Does Ms. Palin not understand the Constitution? Congress is prohibited from making any laws prohibiting the free exercise of religion, and the President has absolutely no power to establish laws AT ALL -- not in the Constitution. He should not offer an opinion... he should simply, as he has done, restate the content of the Constitution. Ms. Palin should take the time to read the US Constitution and stop cynically trying to stir up political controversy.

If I understand the Constitution, then I may not like KKK, but I have to support their right to assemble peaceably, and to exercise their freedom of speech. If I understand the Constitution, I may not like Larry Flynt, but I have to support his right to publish. I'm not a big fan of ANY organized religion, but if I understand the Constitution, then I have to support the right of religious groups to freely exercise their beliefs.

Ms. Palin -- I think you DO understand the Constitution, at least in the fundamental way that I understand the document. I don't think you're a constitutional scholar (Obama IS a constitutional scholar) but you don't really have to exercise the discipline to understand the intent of the authors of the document. NO LAWS REGARDING RELIGION.

Ms. Palin... I think you're just trying to stir up discontent and to appeal to the dark prejudice of ignorance. Somehow you believe this will help your political agenda... it may for the immediate future. But can't you, and the dozens of other power grabbers look at the bigger picture?

I wrote in a earlier blog about this quote, "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand." This is the bigger picture. Ms. Palin, you are a divider. You and your ilk are destroyers, not builders. You are the problem. You would wreck the car to stop the squeak! I wonder just what you understand at all... test yourself. Do you recognize that quote? Take a little quiet time... think about it.


  1. You're a wise man, Mr Stringer~

  2. Can we practice a little of the intolerance she preaches on her?

  3. Thank you for putting it so succinctly.

  4. No one is arguing the constitutionality of building a mosque. What is being argued is the appropriateness of building a trophy mosque at the site where three thousand Americans were slaughtered by Muslims. Churches, businesses, Mosques are denied building permits all the time due to location. They wouldn't let you build a liquor store next to a school, but you'd be free to build it elsewhere. Same goes for this place, put it anywhere but there. If they really want to promote religious understanding they should build it in Saudi Arabia, they're the ones that seem to have a problem with other religions. M.Ames

  5. You can bet that had it been in earlier time, Gus, nor the Capn' wouldn't have allowed that mosque to be built on that hallowed ground.

  6. @Anonymous:

    First of all, it's not a mosque, nor is it on sacred ground, but is surrounded by strip bars, cheap souvenir shops, and will be in a building which was formerly a discount clothing store.

    Secondly, there are Christian churches across the street from the Oklahoma City Bombing site - should we tear those down since McVeigh was a Christian?

    Finally, do you really want to compare our freedoms with Saudi Arabia? I would like to think Americans would be proud that we have more Constitutional freedoms (which includes religion) than other nations, but apparently you disagree.

    Please step away from the propaganda machine and look at this with logic and rational thought. Would you want any other religious sect to tell you that your religion is denied a community center simply because someone who was crazy also was a member of your religion?

  7. Agreed: The Constitution does not prohibit the free expression of religion, ANY religion. However common courtesy suggests that Islamists should respect the feelings of most non-Muslim Americans and build that towering mosque much farther away ...well away from the still open wound of Ground Zero.

    However: The Constitution also requires that our president be a "natural born" citizen. Oops... no one wants to face, much less enforce, that particular clause or even admit to the national embarrassment of Hope And Change We Can Believe In.

  8. Wow, thanks for the "However," Mr. Anonymous above me. That really puts your comment in perspective.

  9. Well Don, comparing McVeigh to the 9-11 attack is a nice straw man argument, but doesn't hold water. For one, you have no idea if he was a Christian or not, and he sure didn't bomb them in the name of Jesus, nice try, no cigar. Perhaps you should follow your own advice and step away from the propaganda machine and try some logic and thought yourself. The rest of your so called facts are pretty dubious as well. It is a mosque, it will be a new 13 to 15 story building and it will be a trophy for the world to see. The "someone" who is crazy consists of over ten million Muslims that want you and your family dead, you'd do well to realize that. They are free to build their trophy anywhere else but there. if understanding was their goal, they'd realize that and go elsewhere. M. Ames

  10. Dana Lynne StringerAugust 17, 2010 at 7:51 PM

    Jim Stringer, I like your words.

  11. >>The Constitution does not prohibit
    >>the free expression of religion

    The Constitution prohibits the Congress from making any laws regarding the establishment of an "official" religion, or the free expression of any religion. And my article is not about whether the Mosque should or should not be built. It's none of my business -- it's the business of New York City and the local voters and government leaders. Congress, and by deduction, the President, are out of their jurisdiction... and Sarah Palin is simply provoking a fight for political reasons. It addresses the hyprocracy of her demanding "... leaders who understand the Constitution" one week, but demanding an opinion from the President that clearly oversteps his constitutional authority. I ask Sarah Palin to stop provoking controversy where none exists.