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Part V - Some Life Lessons

Some Life LessonsAction vs. Consequences
It's alarming that an innocuous action such as putting your foot down on, what turned out to be, a non-existent step, can be one of those before and after points in life. Although I expect to recover as fully as possible, nothing will ever be the same for me again.
Not only did I disrupt my own life, but also the life of my wife, my co-workers, and everyone that I am associated with socially an professionally. The ratio of consequence to action is extremely high -- very small action with huge consequences.
Life Goes On
I'm almost like a ghost, dwelling in the world I previously inhabited. 
I found replacements for gigs... and the gigs went on a scheduled. Different, to be sure, but the Earth continued to rotate.
My racquetball playing friends are still running and sweating. I'm sure they don't really miss my presence in any material way.
Everyone can be replaced -- and this is actually a relief in many ways. At this age, it'…