Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trivial stuff

Bombers in Times Square, floods in Nashville, financial chaos in the Euro-zone... yes, these things bother me. But not NEARLY as much as this things bothered me today.

1. That one bicycle rider.

You know the one I mean... I'm stopped at the stop sign, a four-way. He's riding on the sidewalk, coming from my right. I start to pull out -- he jumps off the curb, without stopping, rides directly in front of me. I slam on the brakes. He's NOT a pedestrian -- he's on a dang vehicle and that's a stop sign!!! STOP fer cryin' out loud.

2. Probably the same guy, later in his car -- can't seem to find the turn signal.

Ok... I know it's really difficult to work the turn signal. You have to actually move your arm forward a few inches, flex your withered muscles to touch a probably disease ridden lever... and for what? You know you're going to turn so what's the difference. HEY!!! I DON'T KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO TURN! And I'm making potentially life affecting decisions based upon you turning in front of me! Jeez, dude!

3. That guy's brother, driving along in the left lane of the freeway.

It's called a P-A-S-S-I-N-G lane. You drive along in the right-most lane, and pull into the left lane to pass. When you just drive in the left lane, it screws up traffic... drivers who are doin' it right, can't pass because you're blocking the way. Those who want to drive faster, can't get around you. Traffic winds up in a snarl and YOU'RE the CAUSE. Learn to drive.

That's all... tomorrow, I'll try to get back in tune with the big picture.

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