Sunday, May 23, 2010

Don't Forget...

I'm not a fan of war as a tool of international relations. I like the saying, "If war were the answer, then there would be no questions." War makes more enemies than are killed or conquered. If someone killed one of my kids through an act of war, I would NEVER find it in my heart to forgive. In our middle eastern exploits, perhaps 500,000 civilians have died... that's a lot of hatred to face.

However... my heart is in a different place tonight. We have sent thousands of our soldiers to fight in Afghanistan. These are sons, daughters, fathers, mothers... friends and family. I can't imagine a lonlier feeling than to be in those dangerous, inhospitible locales, risking one's life daily, and living in the most uncomfortable, unforgiving environment on earth -- believing that Amercan's citizenry had forgotten me, or no longer cared why I was there!

It's our responsibility to know what our country's plan is... and if we can figure that out, then we should darn well care enough about our military to bring 'em home. Ask questions, and demand answers. The economy, health care, financial reform -- all important, but we just can't forget these people whose lives are on the line... Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal... this is NOT a political issue. Write your representatives and senators and DEMAND some answers.


  1. Hi Jim, you are assuming a left is a 90 degree angle. I've always been more of a libertarian. Best wishes on your new site.
    Jeff J

  2. Oh yeah, US Merchant Marine Captain, and US Coast Guard Reservist

  3. Jim, you should get ahold of a book called "NEMESIS: the Last Days of the American Republic" by Chalmers Johnson. It has many of the answers you seek--many more than you would be able to get from Cornyn, Hutchinson or Lamar Smith.
    A huge portion of our Defense budget is SECRET, even from nearly all of the Congress. Only a few members of certain committees are supposedly shown, for example, where we have military installations around the world. I say "supposedly" because it is doubtful that a complete list exists even for the Secretary of Defense.
    We are spread out over way more of the world than we have any legitimate need to be, in many countries that never invited us and that wish we would leave. "Inhospitable locales," indeed!
    We are stretched way too thin and we're using way too much of our treasure to maintain a military presence greater than during the Cold War. Dr. Johnson's position is that this threatens our existence as a nation. ("Nemesis" was the goddess of Revenge.)
    Two years ago, Esquire Magazine listed John Cornyn as among the 10 Most Ineffectual Congressmen or Senators. He is a world-class gasbag, but that's all. Asking him for answers is a waste of postage.
    The best chance we have had in my lifetime of bringing the military to a manageable but effective size was destroyed by the result of the 1972 Presidential election.