Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ten Rules for Musicians

1. Play the song, not just your instrument.
2. Know the melody and HOW to play it. If you don’t know the melody, you don’t know the song.
3. Know the lyrics and what the song is about.
4. Listen to the other players, particularly the drummer and bass player.
5. Participate in the groove.
6. Pay attention to the band leader.
7. Give it 100% from load in to load out.
8. Don’t denigrate your band mates. For sidemen, make the front person sound good. For front persons, make the sidemen sound good.
9. Load your gear for money… play for the love of music.
10. Always eat the free food.
11. Never believe that any complex topic can be summed up in ten rules!

1 comment:

  1. 12) Keep your own set of books. I know that sounds sad, but some folks get greedy with loose money floating around.
    13) If you play keys, learn rhythm guitar also (my son listened to me and did that one - surprise, surprise, surprise). A whole lot of Rock doesn't have key parts.
    14) You need to be able to sing harmony at least. (for small bands)
    15) If you are doubling up on rooms and beds, don't be surprised if your bedmate "spoons" you. Ask Steve Hall. heh. Old joke.
    Hope all is well Jim.
    Jeff Jackson (the sign in link is failing)